Adele was resident artist at Naturalia XXI in 2012.  Views of Sevilla, its’ culture, art, and religion are documented on this site.

Adele Howitt met Fiona Weir met in Sevilla, Spain, whilst developing an arts and ecology strategy with Naturalia XXI  (    In Sevilla, they developed a wayfinding concept that brought pollen grain – inspired artwork, beelines, and the living landscape concept together for the Isla de La Cartuja.  Together they have combined their passions and beliefs to create Seeds for the Desert.

Seeds for the Desert first appeared in the UK at the Hull’s Freedom Festival in September 2012 and more recently at the Horniman Museum as part of the Chelsea Fringe Festival London 2013.  The project encourages partnerships that combine art and science to work together to plant temporary beelines and insect friendly gardens in the most unexpected scenarios’!  We aim to create ‘buffer zones’ in urban areas for pollinators and wildlife and to promote a new way of thinking about how land can be managed to do more for wildlife, people and the economy.

Seeds for the Desert is a public realm art intervention set up to highlight the need for bee-friendly planting schemes in
urban and rural areas.  Next – Freedom Festival 2013

Adele Howitt is an Artist who has worked on many public realm projects and has co-founded Studio Eleven in Hull’s Cultural Quarter; Fiona Weir is a trained Landscape Architect and bee specialist who honed her skills at the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and is now landscape manager for the RSPB, Glasgow.

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  1. Gorgeous site! well done! finally get to see the blog you talked of doing in seville, brings back all the memories, just the good ones 😉 Feel like a dream to think that i have worked in seville in my life 🙂

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